HiRes Images of the ASUS WL-167g board

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Antenna hack for the ASUS WL-167g

How to add an external antenna port to your ASUS wl-167g USB wlan adapter (photo album)

(Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, i took them with my mobile phone...)

First remove the plastic case...
Geert Goedhart pointed me out to add some disassembling info and send me this text:
No hidden screws, only plastic click-on (3 times at each long side). The part with the LEDs and "ASUS" is the cover that snaps over the bottom. Cut the labels. Push and lift with a knife each "ASUS" side away from the bottom, starting from a corner e.g. from the holes for the neck lace.

Remove the blue component at the top of the board.. The easiest way to remove this part is to cover both ends of the smd component with much solder, so both ends are heated and it can be removed easily.
Now prepare the board for the reverse-SMA jack. Drill a hole in the board which fits the pin of the reverse-SMA jack. The best location for this hole is below the position where you removed the blue antenna. You can sea a little white triangle below one of the soldering joints, drill exactly in this triangle. Here you can see an image of the drilled board.
Grind the reverse-SMA jack, so it fits on the board without overlapping.
Isolate the bottom of the jack, so no shortcuts occur when you put it on the board. Use duct-tape or plastic foil or something similar and adapt it to the size if the jack.
Assemble the jack on the opposing side where the blue antenna was mounted, so the pin is on the side, where the antenna was mounted, just below the soldering-joint. Then solder the pin to the soldering joint just above the drilled hole.
Trim the pin to a appropriate size.
Secure the jack at the edges with some epoxy, so external forces do not directly affect to soldering joints.
Now remove some of the varnish (e.g. with a dremel multi tool) of the board (where no circuit paths are printed) near to the jack, to get a point where yo can solder a wire to ground of the board. Solder this wire also to the jack (on the right side of the board, below the jack). You're almost done, just drill a hole in the plastic case where the reverse-SMA jack fits throug - done.

Here are some more pictures of the assembly procedure.

Because the stick gets very hot, I added a little cooler (a piece of a chipset cooler) to it to prevent overheating.

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